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Our exclusive range of Golf Trolley solutions include the latest models from budget and luxury golf trolley brands that have won over the golfers with state of the art technology.

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Foresight The ForeCaddy is the newest remote control electric golf caddy on the market, and it comes with the famous "Follow" function. In January 2020, the ForeCaddy, often known as the "Smart Cart," was unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. Customers who have had the opportunity to try out the cart have given it high marks. ForeCaddy is distributed by Foresight Sports, a San Diego-based company that manufactures, sells, and distributes launch monitors, golf simulators, gaming and professional software, and develops specialized commercial solutions. Buy Motocaddy M1 Pro and Motocaddy M3 Pro from us .



UWB, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, is a short-range wireless communication system that employs radio waves. It does, however, function at a much higher frequency. It, too, employs a broad range of many GHz, as its name suggests. It may be thought of as a radar that can continually scan a whole room and accurately lock onto an item, much like a laser beam, to determine its position and send data. ForeCaddy's Wideband technology enables it to engage follow mode from up to 50 yards away, so you don't have to be standing right next to the cart to do so.

Because the ForeCaddy is equipped with the "power assist" option, golfers may leave the remote control clipped to their back pocket for the whole game. Golfers may use the power assist to give the ForeCaddy a little additional "oomph" while pushing it up steeper slopes, saving their energy for swinging the golf club. The makers suggest that the follow mode, like with other electric caddies with the "Follow" option, be used only on the fairway with at least 7.5 feet of space on either side for safety. Our Remote Control Carts have been sold all over the globe for many years, and we now have a fleet of thousands of them. We'd like to share some of our customers' honest thoughts on our electric golf caddy goods and their dealings with us here. Because our summer club offers a fantastic caddy program (Evans Scholars), we've been privileged "walkers" for a long time. There aren't many caddy programs in Florida. Visit us online at

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